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30 Day Challenge: Chef

30 Day Challenge: Chef

This paper boxgame adds a fun and playful twist to a very mundane chore: cooking. Essentially a very compact recipe book, this box proposes a series of recipes with gradual levels of difficulty. Not only pleasing to those of us aspiring to become advanced chefs, but also for those lacking culinary inspiration after a draining day at work. This brings us to DOIY’s statement: eating is a necessity, cooking is an art. Pull the day-ticket and start the challenge! (or: sharpen your knives and get cooking!)

DOIY Design! This Barcelona-based collective designs contemporary homewares and lifestyle accessories. DOIY creates object with soul by giving shape to gems of creativity that aim to cheer up the modern life.

This box is a paper game with 30 sheets that can be completed in 30 consecutive days or whenever you feel like it.