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Paper Store Bullet Notebook

Paper Store Bullet Notebook

The Bullet Journal, also referred to as the analog system of the digital age, is a ludicrously simple notebook with dotted pages... but it doesn't stop there: it is a completely customizable planner/to-do list/notebook/calendar-hybrid that can be self curated as you feel fit. This Paper Store Bullet Notebook by Paper Store rocks a geometric and simplistically stylish design that oozes effortless chic. 

The adaptable and meditative practice of bullet journaling has taken the world by storm. Its forte lies in the simplicity that is enjoyed at the intersection of mindfulness and productivity. We could show you thousands of pictures and tips, but the best way to take up this fruitful habit is my fumbling all by yourself and finding out fun methods that fit your lifestyle and work best for you!

Measures 210 x 166 x 13 mm and contains 144 pages of dotted paper.